SNDSI is currently employing an innovative approach to community development as it revitalizes Atlanta's Pittsburgh neighborhood - a neighborhood that became "ground zero" for the foreclosure crisis in Atlanta.


In Pittsburgh, SNDSI is working with partners to:

  • Return the neighborhood to the safe, healthy and vibrant community it once was,
  • Exemplify sustainable economic and environmental principles,
  • Provide safe, affordable and energy efficient homes
  • Ensure safe walkways to schools for children
  • Create jobs for area residents.


As we develop our expertise, we plan to share what we are learning with groups in other neighborhoods to help them improve their neighborhood stabilization efforts.

Breaking News
Fifth Third Bank Helps SNDSI 
Launch the Pittsburgh Revitalization Fund
On February 16, Fifth Third Bank announced that it is awarding SNDSI a grant from its CRA Enterprise Investment Fund in the amount of $100,000 to support the launch of the Pittsburgh Revitalization Fund. This capital fund will enable SNDSI and PCIA to create an owner-financing program to facilitate the sale of homes in Pittsburgh. This grant will be coupled with down payments generated through home sales and additional funds from the City of Atlanta HOME Program, the Invest Atlanta (formerly Atlanta Development Authority) Housing Fund, CHDO loans, and Affordable Housing Program grants. Rehabilitation is already underway on the first homes. This Sustainable Neighborhood Development Strategies, Inc. and Fifth Third Bank Partnership for the Preservation of Pittsburgh was financially assisted by Fifth Third Bank.