SNDSI Partners 

To achieve its goal of a holistic revitalization, SNDSI and its core
partners have enlisted the support of many other partners with
diverse expertise, including:

  • Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association is a mission critical partner with SNDSI on the Preservation of Pittsburgh. PCIA is the neighborhood based community development corporation and the lead partner in the Partnership for the Preservation of Pittsburgh. 
  • Atlanta BeltLine Partnership which plans to develop a transit and trail network around Atlanta's core, including the southern border of Pittsburgh creating the potential for the Preservation of Pittsburgh (POP) to be a transit-oriented development site. The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership is a collaborator in the development of a Pittsburgh community land trust and provides down payment and closing cost assistance to home buyers near the BeltLine.
  • Atlanta Development Authority which provides down payment and closing cost assistance to POP home buyers.
  • Atlanta Housing Authority which provides down payment and closing cost assistance to POP home buyers.
  • Environmental Protection Agency which leads the Sustainable Communities Initiative and conducts soil and environmental tests to ensure properties are healthy and safe for children and families.
  • GD Evans Construction Company which rehabs and landscapes POP homes including energy efficiency upgrades. Evans works with SNDSI to ensure that area residents are given a priority when Evans hires employees for these projects.
  • Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority which holds acquired properties until they are ready for rehab and supports acquisition efforts.
  • Georgia TradeUP which hires residents through TCWFI to clean
    and secure acquired properties and provides pre-apprenticeship training.
  • Southface which conducts energy efficiency audits of acquired properties to ensure that POP homes are both "green" and healthy.
  • The Center for Working Families, Inc. which prepares NPU-V residents to take advantage of housing and job opportunities as a part of POP.