Mtamanika Youngblood, President/CEO
Ms. Youngblood was serving as the Director of the ACS Neighborhood Transformation work before SNDSI was launched. She now serves as President/CEO of SNDSI. As a part of her work with ACS, Youngblood helped to launch and lead The Center for Working Families, Inc. in NPU-V’s Mechanicsville neighborhood, providing residents with employment and asset building services and increased access to work supports. She also partnered in the successful responsible relocation of 97 low-income households from the former Pittsburgh Civic League Apartments. She is Past President of the Historic District Development Corporation which has built and rehabbed historic affordable homes as well as developed or partnered in the development of affordable low income tax credit projects and mixed use, mixed income projects in Atlanta’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic District. 

Theodore Florence, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Florence holds an MBA degree from Harvard University and has also completed Harvard's Executive Education Non-Profit Governance Program. He brings 15 years of senior level finance experience to SNDSI, including 11 years in the dual role of CFO and COO.

Moki Macias, Senior Community Builder
Ms. Macias received a Master’s Degree in Community Development from Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of City & Regional Planning in May 2011. Prior to graduate school, she was the Development Director for the Southern Center for Human Rights, a public interest law firm in Atlanta, and Development Manager for St. Anthony Foundation in San Francisco. She is a recipient of the 2010-2011 Anne Braden Award from the Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund and is a founding member of BLOCS (Building Locally to Organize for Community Safety), a grassroots organization dedicated to police accountability and safe, strong Atlanta communities.
Sylvia Robinson, Tenant Liaison
Ms. Robinson serves as the Administrative Associate for SNDSI. Robinson is a resident of NPU-V and has been actively engaged in the work of both ACS and SNDSI for several years.

Tyrone Williams, Senior Development Director

Mr. Williams brings 22 years of experience in real estate development efforts that enhance communities where people live, work and play. He has directed program administration of HOME funds and tax exempt bonds and has worked with a wide range of Federal agencies, including HUD, Fannie Mae, FHA and EPA. Prior to coming to SNDSI, Williams had served as Senior Program Director for the Atlanta Development Authority, Senior Development Director for the Integral Group in Atlanta, and Program Director of the Houston office of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).