Pittsburgh's historic

Crogman School  

was converted into

apartment units

in 2005.


The above maps shows the Pittsburgh neighborhood and the community-strengthening assets located inside and around the neighborhood. Click on the image to see 
a larger version of the map.
The Pittsburgh Neighborhood

In Pittsburgh, a small, low-income, historically African-American community of 1,786 parcels, more than 500 homes have had foreclosure filings since June 2007 and many homes now stand vacant. Existing homeowners have lost equity and renters have been evicted as landlords fall into foreclosure. Despite these challenges, Pittsburgh includes some significant assets that hold the potential of contributing to its ability to recover from this current crisis:

Many Pittsburgh residents have deep ties to the community and are committed to restoring it to the healthy, family-supporting neighborhood it once was. 

The Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association (PCIA), the neighborhood's strong community development corporation, is seeking to revitalize Pittsburgh into a working family neighborhood that benefits all current residents while attracting new residents. 

Two public schools (Gideons Elementary and Parks Middle School) with a commitment to educational success and community involvement are located inside the Pittsburgh neighborhood. 
The Center for Working Families, Inc., an employment and wealth building intermediary, is located near Pittsburgh, providing targeted services to NPU-V residents. 

The neighborhood is also convenient to downtown Atlanta, the City's major interstates, and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. These assets hold the potential for attracting an economically diverse group of residents to the neighborhood's housing market.