Become a Part of the

Pittsburgh Neighborhood Today!

SNDSI and PCIA own 95 properties in the Pittsburgh neighborhood and are making them available for rent and sale.

Several families have already settled into POP homes and more are being renovated to levels that far exceed EarthCraft energy efficiency and indoor air quality standards.


Homes certified through the EarthCraft program include:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Resource-efficient design
  • Resource-efficient building materials


Many POP homes were built after 2000 while some are historic homes that reflect the vibrant legacy of the Pittsburgh neighborhood.


Click HERE to learn about available homes in the Pittsburgh neighborhood!

Find Out What Your are Missing: Tour the POP Model Home
In order to show prospective buyers and renters the high quality touches that are a part of every POP renovation, we now have a model home. Contact us to find out more about ownership and rental opportunities in the Pittsburgh neighborhood and to schedule your home tour now. You can also learn about the special mortgage program created by the Credit Union of Atlanta just for the Pittsburgh neighborhood and the down payment assistance available.