The Pittsburgh Community

Land Trust

will maintain the
vibrancy & diversity

of Pittsburgh

by transforming 

distressed properties



affordable homes.

Pittsburgh Community Land Trust:
Protecting Housing Affordability for Future Generations


Housing prices in the Pittsburgh neighborhood are remarkably low right now, but that has not always been the case and may not be the case in the future -- unless steps are taken to ensure that a range of housing options are preserved in the neighborhood.


Prior to the recent real estate crash, home prices in the Pittsburgh neighborhood had exploded, increasing from a median sale price of $56,000 in 2000 to a median price of $205,000 in 2006. With the development of the Atlanta BeltLine underway and the expectation that a BeltLine transit stop will be located along University Avenue in Pittsburgh, home prices could likely rise again after the real estate market recovers. 


To preserve affordable housing, the Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association launched the Pittsburgh Community Land Trust (PCLT) to create a stock of permanently affordable housing throughout the  neighborhood. This goal will be accomplished by:


  • Providing opportunities for very low to moderate income individuals and families to secure decent and affordable housing that is controlled by the residents on a long-term basis;

  • Combating community deterioration by promoting the development, rehabilitation, and maintenance of decent housing, commercial enterprises, and public spaces;

  • Promoting economic opportunities for residents and business owners in the construction and stewardship of the land, homes, and businesses; and

  • Making land available for efforts that improve the safety, well being, and quality of life of residents

Atlanta’s Innovative “Hub and Spoke” CLT Model


This neighborhood-based land trust is working in close partnership with the Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative (ALTC). ALTC functions as a “hub” land trust, supporting smaller “spoke” land trusts based in neighborhoods throughout Atlanta. PCLT was the first "spoke" land trust. This innovative “hub and spoke” model combines a strong community focus with increased scale and efficiency.