Community Economic 

Development Institute:

Giving Residents the Tools to Shape Development


The Community Economic Development Institute (CEDI) was sponsored by The Annie E. Casey Foundation-Atlanta Civic Site (ACS) to ensure that community residents were informed and active participants in the shaping of development plans for NPU-V.


Georgia Institute for Technology and the University of Georgia Fanning Institute developed the curriculum for the Institute with the goal of building the capacity of residents to understand and employ economic development concepts, tools, techniques, and analysis.


CEDI was offered in two six-month courses. Seventy-two residents of the three Neighborhood Planning Units that border the Casey-owned land on University Avenue completed the course. The graduates reflect the diversity of the neighborhoods around the parcel, including renters and homeowners, long-time and new residents, high school students, adults, and seniors, African-American and white residents. 


A different topic was addressed each week, including:

  • Durable Affordable Housing
  • Sustainable/Green Development
  • Business Attraction and Development
  • Financing
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Universal Design
  • Community Ownership Models such as Community Land Trusts


The course included field trips to other communities where students could see examples of renowned models of community economic development. These site visits included:



To learn more about the Community Economic Development Institute and the Resident-Led Study Circles that followed, read 
"Community Economic Development Institute: 

Empowering Residents to Shape Development in Neighborhoods."