The Atlanta Civic Site's 
work in the areas of 
Education Achievement
Family Economic Success, and Neighborhood Transformation

This work provides a strong foundation for the 
Preservation of Pittsburgh

The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Atlanta Civic Site:

Holistic Neighborhood Revitalization


The Preservation of Pittsburgh (POP) effort is building on the programs of The Annie E. Casey Foundationís Atlanta Civic Site (ACS). Since 2001, ACS has worked in NPU-V to achieve measurable results in three areas: Education Achievement, Family Economic Success, and Neighborhood Transformation.

Education Achievement

ACS has worked with Gideons Elementary and Parks Middle School in the Pittsburgh neighborhood to improve student learning and achievement and, in 2010, it helped to launch the Early Learning and Literacy Resource Center (ELLRC) in the nearby Mechanicsville neighborhood. The ELLRC shares a facility with the newly renovated Dunbar Elementary School forming a seamless, aligned, high-quality learning complex for children, ages 0 to 10.

Family Economic Success

In 2005, ACS launched The Center for Working Families, Inc. (TCWFI) in NPU-Vís Mechanicsville neighborhood. TCWFI provides NPU-V residents with workforce development, work supports, and asset-building programs and has placed more than 1,100 residents in jobs since its founding. TCWFI also prepares area residents for the housing and employment opportunities associated with the Preservation of Pittsburgh.

Neighborhood Transformation

ACS is investing in a strategy that combines sustainable and affordable housing, high-achieving schools, well-paying neighborhood jobs, public safety, and opportunities for families to improve their communities. This work includes the physical development of buildings and a deliberate focus on human capital development.


A Foundation for the Preservation of Pittsburgh

The work supported by ACS provides a foundation for the revitalization of the Pittsburgh neighborhood. By partnering with TCWFI, SNDSI and PCIA have been able to connect area residents with jobs associated with the development underway in Pittsburgh, ensuring that residents benefit financially as a result of the redevelopment occurring around them.

ACS has learned that, while children and families benefit from programs in each of its result areas, when those efforts are “bundled” together so that families benefit from programs in all three areas, life-changing results for children and families can be achieved and communities can be strengthened. The work of POP has become a critical part of that “bundling,” ensuring that families have access to safe, stable, affordable housing as well as educational and employment opportunities.