In 1888,

Carrie Steele Logan,

a former slave and a maid

at the Atlanta Union

Railroad Station,

used funds raised from the 

sale of her autobiography 

to found the

Carrie Steele Orphan Home,  possibly the oldest predominantly black orphanage 

in the country, 

in the Pittsburgh neighborhood.

Pittsburgh Community 
Improvement Association:

Resident-Focused Neighborhood Revitalization 


Founded in 1999, the Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association (PCIA) is working to revitalize  the Pittsburgh neighborhood into a working family neighborhood while improving conditions for current neighborhood residents.


In 2010, PCIA created the Pittsburgh Community Land Trust in order to ensure that homes in Pittsburgh remain affordable to working families while the neighborhood is revitalized and development of the BeltLine increases market demand in the neighborhood. 

Strategic Goals

PCIA, a community development corporation, is committed to rebuilding the Pittsburgh neighborhood as a safe, healthy, economically viable community that provides housing and support services for families with limited incomes while welcoming people from all backgrounds. PCIA is also seeking to bring green technologies, skills, and training to the community while preserving the historic fabric of the neighborhood.


PCIA works with area partners to provide a wide range of programs that support residents, including:

  • Neighborhood Beautification 
  • Skills Training and Job Creation 
  • Neighborhood Watch and Safety Programs
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Youth Development Institutes
  • Housing Advocacy and Housing Development
  • Commercial and Historic Revitalization

A Mission Critical Partner
in the Preservation of Pittsburgh

As a community based organization, PCIA plays a critical role in POP. Based in Pittsburgh and led by neighborhood residents, PCIA ensures that POP is informed by the needs and interests of residents.


In 2010, the City of Atlanta awarded PCIA funds totaling $761,000. This award, a part of the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, will support the rehab of 10 homes that have been acquired as a part of POP. Renovation of those homes is expected to be completed in 2012.